Changing Tack Webcast Summary

Changing Tack Results and Recommendations

Question 1: How can companies build incrementalism
and transformation into a company?

Question 2: How can companies work around financial
market restraints to create change?

Question 3: Regarding short-term financial pressures,
do you do quarterly earnings briefings?

Question 4: How can long-term decisions toward systemic
change be implemented while minimizing risk?

Question 5: How do you drive change through
collaboration within a corporation?

Question 6: What is the value of disruptive change? Should large
corporations incorporate the work of start-ups to stay nimble?

Question 7: How important is changing accounting rules and extending
leadership to get CFO buy-in to make the business case for sustainability?

Question 8: What are the risks and opportunities
to create an environment that enables change?

Question 9: Do we need to act publicly
on the political stage to drive change?

Question 10: When success is typically viewed through the lens of a healthy
growing economy, what are the challenges to sustainable consumption?

Question 11: How do you drive behavior
change around your customer base?

Question 12: Is this a defining moment for
the sustainable development movement?

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